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Oppo Find X3 Lite


Oppo Find X3 Lite Price in KSA

The Ratings



Release Date

March 2021

Display Type


Screen Size

6.4 Inches

Display Sharpness


Refresh Rate

90 Hz






Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G

CPU Core Count

8 (1 + 1 + 6)

CPU Core Speed

2400 MHz

Lithography Process

7 nanometers


Adreno 620

GPU Clock Speed

625 MHz

Memory Type


Memory Clock Speed

2133 MHz

Storage Type

UFS 2.1

Max Storage


Memory Card






Infrared Port


eSim Support






Headphone Jack


Camera Matrix

64 megapixels

4K Video

Up to 30FPS

8k Video


Optical Zoom


Default Operating System

Android 11

Battery Full Charge Time

0:35 hr

Wireless Charging


Reverse Charging


Fast Charging


Geek Bench Single Core


Geek Bench Multi Core


Antutu Overall


PC Mark 3.0


DXOMark Overall


DXOMark Photo


DXOMark Video


Last updated on June 11, 2022 12:30 am
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The Oppo Find X3 Lite is a Mid-range mobile released in March 2021. The current price in KSA Starts at 2,305.00 SAR .

Key Specs

CPUQualcomm Snapdragon 765G
Storage128 to 128 GB
Camera64 megapixels
RAM8 to 8 GB
Battery4300 mAh

(5 customer reviews)
Product is rated as #30 in category Mobiles

Oppo Find X3 Lite Benchmarks

Geekbench Single Core599
Geekbench Multi-Core1795
3D Mark Wildlife1686
PC Mark 3.09204
Battery Life (Web)
Photo Score108
Video Score95
Overall Camera Score105
Max Brightness

As measured by the Geekbench Benchmark, the Oppo Find X3 Lite has a Single Core performance of 599, and a Multi Core speed of 1795.

For comparison, the fastest Android phones in 2022 have around 1,300 Single Cores and 3,800 Multi Cores, with the iPhone 13 Pro Max topping the rankings with 1,729 and 4,684 respectively.

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Video Reviews

Want to see the Oppo Find X3 Lite in action? How well the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G performs?

Watch these excellent reviews and all your questions will be answered!

Full Specification


Display TypeAMOLED
Sharpness (PPI)410
Resolution1080 x 2400 pixels
Refresh Rate (Hz)
Screen Size (in)6.4
Has HDR?No
HDR Type
Screen To Body Ratio85.10%
Screen ProtectionCorning Gorilla Glass 5
Aspect Ratio20:9

You will find a good 6.4" AMOLED display on the Oppo Find X3 Lite, while not the best available it comes with a crisp 410 PPI providing for a good visual experience. Based on our analysis we have given it 77 out of 100, putting it slightly below the very best flagships.


CPUQualcomm Snapdragon 765G
Core Count8 (1 + 1 + 6)
CPU Clock Speed2400 MHz
Lithography7 nanometers
GPUAdreno 620
GPU Clock Speed625 MHz
Memory8 - 8 GB
Memory TypeLPDDR4X
Storage TypeUFS 2.1
Storage Size128 - 128 GB

A Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G with a max clock speed of 2400 MHz powers the phone, while a Adreno 620 running at 625 MHz provides for the graphical performance. Additionally it has 8 GB of LPDDR4X RAM on the base model and 128 GB of UFS 2.1 ROM.


Infrared PortNo
eSim SupportNo
Memory CardNo

Connectivity via 5G allows the Oppo Find X3 Lite to deliver next-generation super-fast speeds. When using the included bluetooth version 5.1, you can quickly and easily connect to a wide range of Bluetooth devices.


Camera Matrix64 megapixels
Camera Resolution9248 x 6920
Zoom TypeDigital
Optical ZoomN/A
4k VideoUp to 30FPS
8k VideoNo

Using this phone's 64 megapixels main camera, you can take high-resolution photos up to 9248 x 6920. The camera has the following features: - Bokeh mode - Pro mode.

The Oppo Find X3 Lite is also capable of 4K video recording Up to 30FPS, giving you the ability to take high quality UHD videos.

We give the camera a rating of 65 out of 100. The phone has a decent and reliable camera, its not among the top performers but will do an good job for most people. Just don't expect incredible image quality in all environments with the Oppo Find X3 Lite.


Battery Capacity4300
Charge Power (w)65
Wireless ChargingNo
Reverse ChargingYes
Fast ChargingYes,
Fast Charging Time
Full Charging Time0:35 hr
Replaceable Battery?No


Oppo Find X3 Lite Review

5 reviews for Oppo Find X3 Lite

4.4 out of 5
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  1. Mr. G. Tomlinson

    First all it has a duel sim tray and the micro sim goes in sideways. I bought this as a replacement for a Google pixel 3a. First of all I don’t like the design of the plug. If you plug it into a multi adapter you have to leave a space. The plug is too wide and needs redesigning with less width and more height. The phone comes with wired ear buds and a high quality usb c cable. It charges really fast and you don’t have to wait long for a 50% charge and the battery seems to last. I have found that the Home Screen and using icons a bit complicated than the Google 3a. This has a brilliant screen, lots of ram and storage space. The pixel 3a had 64gb which most of it was taken up with the android system. This phone doesn’t have that problem, even though I can’t add an sd card 128gb is loads of space. For £300 this has been my first unknown branded phone. It is excellent quality and does everything my other phone did and more. A few things need getting used to and it has loads of customisation. The case it comes with won’t survive a drop, but it will stop scratches and scrapes. I’m not sure how good the screen protector that’s fitted is, but that should stop scratches to the screen. I would recommend this phone for anyone wanting a mid range phone.Edit: I’ve been using this now for over a week. It is switched off at work apart from breaks and the phone is on at weekends and over night. I would say I’m not a heavy user and it has light to medium use. The battery has lasted over 3 days which is good. I got a 70% battery charge in just over 30 minutes. The more I use this phone the more I like it. This is so much faster and better than my pixel 3a and it does everything that the pixel did and more. You wouldn’t think you could get such a good phone for £300.

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  2. Ravneet

    Positives:+ Fast charging 65w+ Bright Screen with adaptive refresh rate+ Nice Design+ Good Haptics (Vibrations)+ Decent for some moderate gaming+ Comes with clear case+ Headphone Jack+ NFC+ Fingerprint scanner if set up correctly is very fast (make sure to calibrate using all different angles of your fingers)Negatives:- No IP rating- Speaker sound quality is poor and only has single speaker- Cannot disable or remove bloatware apps without connecting to a pc and using third party tools- Cannot change which website links will open which apps for some apps (eg Youtube)- Some folders are locked and cannot be modified by user. An issue for those who use emulators or want to move files in the obb folders- Camera takes time to load and pictures aren’t great- Apps sometimes load slowly- Notifications do not show up on lockscreen no matter what you change in settings- Android Auto sometimes doesn’t load correctly so you have to disconnect and reconnect the cable- No eye comfort mode on the lockscreen- Tries to make you sign up for an oppo account when opening settings (it’s the right at the top of the list)I returned the phone as the the notifications and Android Auto issues became very frustrating as I do a lot of driving.

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  3. Elizabeth

    It came later than expected, but so far so good, sister loves her phone and it has decent picture quality. and is a beautiful colour.

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  4. Stelmundo

    The phone is brilliant I really don’t know why people pay so much for other brands, partner has a top end phone and literally I don’t see any difference, the battery is great charges from 20% to 100 in about 20 mins I have music app on for 8 hours a day and come home and it’s still on 50% had the phone around 3 month now and still working brilliant

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  5. Patrick

    Overall, I’m happy with the phone, but bearing in mind that I’m upgrading from a 5 year-old phone… (Samsung A3 2016), and it costs nearly twice as much, you’d expect massive improvements in every area, it is disappointing in a number areas (I originally gave it 3 stars but after living with it for a year, I’m upping it to 4 stars, because basically I like this phone. Also, it’s come down in price considerably since I bought mine.) See my comments below for the details of the pros and cons from my personal perspective.I Like:- Glass-backed not plastic (but only on the silver version)- Dual Sim- Super-fast 65w charging.- Eye-comfort option on the screen.- It’s a good size without being excessively large- Fingerprint and face recognition very fast and effective.- Factory fitted screen protector- 3.5 mm jack- Wide angle lens for camera.- Front camera hole is very discrete.- Nice look and feel.- Fast overall performance.- The 64 megapixel camera is defaulted to a lesser resolution (to keep photo size down)- I feel it’s a nice looking phone with a nice feel, and the silver finish looks almost like polished metal in some light conditions.- Oppo Customer Support has been responsive when needed.I Don’t Like:- In the normal mode the home screen has no ‘Apps’ Folder so everything just appears automatically, if there are pre-installed Apps you don’t want to see your home screen pages, you must copy them to the ‘tools’ folder.- the volume settings erratically turn themselves right down sometimes which leads to missed calls.- frame/bezel looks like metal but is in fact plastic I think.- Loud speaker sound quality seems less good compared to my old Samsung A3.- Flashlight is considerably dimmer than on my old Samsung.- Android Auto is pre-installed but apparently there is no way to launch it. However I raised this with Oppo who informed me that you can download ‘Android Auto for phone Screens’ thin in-built install I guess only works if you have a very recent car.- User interface on Settings, Widgets, etc. looks and feels rather low-end, it’s better on my 5 year old Samsung A3 2016 and generally there is not much configurability, basic settings seem difficult to locate.- 3.5 mm jack is on the left-hand side at the bottom of the phone, thus interfering with typical desktop phone stands, would be ideal to right next to the charging port.- The coating on the glass back makes it feel like plastic. The coating also reflects various colours in certain lights (maybe some people would like this) I would have have preferred a straightforward shiny metallic look. Overall the phone feels quite nice in your hand. A high-end look and feel is v. important to me personally and I absolutely reject plastic constructed phones, which is quite limiting these days.- Icons on notifications bar, and pull-down notifications are excessively tiny, making it difficult to see them, or to hit them easily, this seems not configurable. (Android 12 recently rolled out has improved this somewhat)- Icons generally have no choice or configurability unless you sign up for a 3rd party app.- The front camera hole, positioned at left side, whilst discrete, gives a misalignment which makes close up selfie taking a little awkward, and also easy to partially obscure the camera with your thumb.- Poor use of screen space – widgets and icons don’t use of about 5 mm of space at each side of the screen– given that having a larger phone is already irksome, you’d think that manufacturers would optimise screen space usage as an absolute priority…- Minimal water proofing ip52 I believe (by now I’d expect to see this feature at this price)- No contactless charging.- No SD card slot, but 128 Gb should be plenty I guess.- SAR emissions seem to be on the high side.- Standard SMS app seems very minimalistic, not a nice look and feel. Same for most of the inbuilt apps.- I took an indoor photo in artificial light with the wide-angle lens and the result is very grainy.- Comparing an indoor artificial light photo between my Samsung A3 2016, and the Oppo, there is little discernible difference in quality, expect perhaps Oppo image is somewhat brighter.- Can’t find any options for voice commands on the Camera.As I say, quality look & feel is very important to me, and given that most phones are technically competent these days – it becomes a key differentiating factor – see how Apple have finally got it right with the iPhone 12. I would probably have bought a mid-range Samsung if they offered glass construction but they don’t anymore. Or, at my price point, an LG Velvet (though a bit on the large side) – which seemed to have everything I would want – but LG are closing down their mobile phone business.Hopefully, Oppo or someone else will step up to the space vacated LG, by providing a mid-range phone that gives quality look and feel + all the important features at an affordable price.

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